Waldo Werner is Carmen's business partner. He is my second client and one of the two suspects who was faking his alibi in The Comfortable Search for the Lost Figure.


Case 2Edit

After searching a crime scene I came to him in 7:00 AM for talking about his alibi, then he says to me that he was visiting with Octavia Abeyta, they have lovely time together so what does it mean if you have loving to the neighbor. I have his schedule that Waldo leaves his house on 4:00 PM to midnight. I go to his house for searching a crime when he left on 4:00 PM in my opinion i'm in on 6:00 PM and I found his footprint analysis then take item. Then I'm talking to leads but he told me to see Octavia Abeyta but she has in list already so his leads wasting my time of questioning. And in my third question to him about Humphrey Watson's proof, he know my question and says "Carmen once to Waldo that he had tried to kill her before. She refuses to give Waldo a details, but Waldo could tell that she was terrified to him". And Waldo knows the real situation before the time of a murder. The habits of Waldo Werner are the same and the time is 4:00 PM to midnight.[1]


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