Vera Gilfoy is Helen's servant and lives in North Christie. She knows about murder of Helen Keane. She also talking to Harriet Werner about the business. And she is the one who tells me about the two people that they know the murder in fact that Rudolph Keane and Kelvin Rittenhouse are the only two people who faking their alibi.


Case 1Edit

In 8:00 PM on monday that Colin Edeal tells me about her address in North Christie. I came in her house on 10:00 PM to question Vera Gilfoy about her alibi and says that she and Harriet Werner had a business and tell me why so the alibi is real for 100% sure and suprisingly she tells me that Rudolph Keane and Kelvin Rittenhouse both fake their alibi's knows the crime. After the case Vera Gilfoy thanked me that I solve the case so she is happy to let Helen rest in peace.