Vera Ahnberg, is a cousin of Hui Ying Albertson and the sister of Malva Ahnberg in The Everyday Legend of the Forgotten Answer.


Case 3Edit

I discovered her signed note in Vera's bedroom. So I want to submit it to that receiving nurse for habits, then she answered "Amanda Albertson is always out and about in the afternoons. She leaves the house at 1:00 PM and gets home for dinner around 7:00 PM". Before searching the crime I was visited to Amanda Albertson about her alibi she says that she was talking with Vera for the deal in the signed note but she's ignore it because Vera and Linda are talking so I was incriminate. I was wait with Amanda Albertson for 4 hours (4 visits on 1 hour), I was waiting by window shopping and talking to Preston Grosso. In Saturday 1:00 PM I was searching her house and this is horrible what was I found a gun that already revealed a murder weapon. And that was of visiting from her after search warrant.[1]


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