This wiki is reveal to be the spoiler of Sleuth: Shades of Mystery in the meantime i'm not the owner of this game but I am the real owner of the wiki is I revealed to be I have four wikis are Scrabout Wiki; Montevista Wiki; Jayvees Wiki.

Welcome to the Sleuth Wiki

Welcome to the Sleuth WikiEdit


Jayvdale (Arc 1)

Sleuth: Noir and Sleuth: Shades of Mystery series pack.

I'm start career being a private eye like you in the anime and real life. Face of the private eye is coming to intimidate you, charm you and judging you to be awaken the truth of the crime. I'm aware to enter the first case like this so this is the story about the retired lawyer who become a private eye because he has gambling problems and he goes to Carlos Hayden and looking for the very first case. His motto revealed to solve the case. I will accept all my client every case that I choose with a big money or long time

Topic For The WikiEdit

Sleuth is this open-ended, detective role playing game (RPG) where you solve mysteries by searching for clues, questioning suspects and interviewing witnesses. Every mystery is unique with different victims, suspects and clues. All mysteries are solvable, in fact there are always multiple ways to solve any single mystery, but player skill and a small amount of luck are necessary to nab the guilty suspect. ╚╩╦╩╦╩╦╩╦╩╦╩╦╩╦╩╦╩╦

Featured CaseEdit

Tutorial Case: It is the very first case in the Sleuth game. The first case which the victim is the brother of Zimmerman and the culprit is also the brother of Zimmerman.

Do You KnowEdit

  • I solve the case two times for the all time.
  • Patricia Rudisill assigns a retired lawyer, freelance investigative reporter, and moonlighting dilettante in a case.
  • For non-subscribers you can only 4 cases in a day.
  • Shades of Mystery has three maps in locations.
  • Beginner Difficulty is the easiest, contains four suspects.
  • If you want more photos, just click here