Rudolph Keane is Helen's wife. He is my first client and one of the two suspects who faking his alibi in The Comfortable Search for the Secret Phantom.


Case 1Edit

In 5:00 AM I was came to his house and I decided to talk him about his alibi and leads if he knows about people knowing this crime but he don't know and why he also don't know about his wife then I go to the tailor on the time of 3:00 PM about his alibi and he explains to me that he wasn't certainly here meaning it has a possibility to be a suspect of this case, then on 6:00 PM I search his house by buy some keys in locksmith and use it to open the door and I'm looking for footprint samples found in the bedroom floors, a hair samples in the trash can, and a handwriting samples in the cabinet. then I see the key but I put it back because I have already one from locksmith then go out. Then also I have to tell about proof if Rudolph Keane was killer but it particularly not so I talk back to Rudolph on 3:00 AM on Tuesday about his proof that Kelvin Rittenhouse is the killer and positive incriminating proof. Revealed the he once confided to him that he was planning to kill her and he realised once he was serious, he told him to get a hold of himself. He thought he finally talk much out of it, but he beginning to think he went through his crazy plan. Intentionally he talks to Kelvin Rittenhouse before the time of the murder.