Octavia Abeyta is her neighbor on North Christie. She was talking to Hari Talbert about the business. She was the one of the four suspects in The Comfortable Search for the Lost Figure.


Case 2Edit

I stopped in her house in the time of 9:00 AM and I talk to her about the alibi and she answered me "Hari and I had a business to discuss" so I ask Hari Talbert if I don't believe. Her alibi is real because Hari tell the same. I return to Octavia but her house was lock so I'm going to buy a copy of key on Wednesday 11:00 AM. I enter in her house and I only take item is two blunt weapons, and a signed note it writes the signature of Humphrey Watson. And I last spoke to her about the proof, thus she don't trust him. The habits of Waldo Werner are the same and the time is 4:00 PM to midnight.[1]


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