Motive may refer to something that causes a person to act in a certain way, do a certain thing. Is the goal and object of the person's actions. It also called a motif.[1]

Shades of MysteryEdit

In Shades of Mystery you can accuse a guilty suspect with motive because that is your main goal for the case. To receive a motive you must talk to the innocent suspect or research in the three buildings:

  1. Police Station
  2. Fact Checker
  3. Hospital

These are the three mention location is for research case, it has 1/3 possible that the motive match the guilty suspect or the innocent suspect.

Motives in this gameEdit

Hated VictimEdit

Revealed to be about the killer admitted his/her symptoms of extreme irritability and hypertension. Doctor prescibe sedatives for the problem, and left an interesting role on the patient's client and reason why of Killer's condition was a intense and barely rage. A killer was extremely angry with somebody named Helen and that anger was causing his physical symptoms.

Wanted inheritanceEdit

Friends and families of murder victim the victim were dealt a double shock today: first when they learn a brutal killing, and the second when they found out that only one of them would be inheriting any future she left behind. When the will was read, all present were suprised to hear the killer was his/her sole beneficiary. then the killer could not reach the comment.