Malva Ahnberg is Hui Ying's cousin and the villain of The Everyday Legend of the Forgotten Answer.


Case 3Edit

Vera Ahnberg knows that some people who knew the murder case is Magdala Burlile and of course talking to Hui Ying's cousin. I was here in Malva's place on Friday 7:00 AM to discuss about Malva's alibi and she said that she was visiting with Vera Ahnberg at the time of the murder but she did faking her alibi. It will be a great chance to become suspect with the crime along with Magdala. I also talking about Amanda Albertson whereabouts and she said she was in Hammett Square. In the midnight I was searching her house and I see a gun, handwriting sample, cloth sample and key labeled Amanda so this is my chance for saving money. After that I was talking to the Banker, and Tailor about the evidence I found and this is it. The handwriting sample of Malva Ahnberg was matched. Also the Torn Fabric #2 is match too but other evidence doesn't match. Malva's motive is owed money to victim because Amanda tell Hui Ying to give money because she has some debts to pay for but the victim refuses it. It was planned murder If I'm talking to the suspects that witnessing the crime. And now she was one of the real killer.[1]


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