Magdala Burlile, is a Hui Ying Albertson's bestfriend who is mostly trusted. When she learned that her bestfriend was murdered she needs justice about those who killed her. After the case is solved she and I are now bestfriends in The Everyday Legend of the Forgotten Answer.


Case 3Edit

After I search the crime scene I was visited to Magdala Burlile but her room is keep locked. To stop her resistant I decided to buy a copy of key from Tabitha Dorsey to search her house and I found what I was looking for: Vera's key, Handwriting Sample, and Cloth Sample then I returned to her and finally she's here so her schedule was not said but I know it was 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM. I was discussing her alibi and she says that she and Linda have business to discuss but Linda said she was talking with Vera Ahnberg so the reason that Magdala Burlile faking her alibi and chance to be the culprit, I test her cloth sample to the torn fabric 1 and 3 but they are not match including that her handwriting not match. Then I return to her house to talk about Malva's motive but she was clammed and I save that to the posh bobbin.

After the case Magdala Burlile thanked me and she was very happy that justice was successed and now Magdala Burlile wants to friend with me and I agree her answer so now Magdala Burlile and I are best friend.[1]


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