Linda Flaherty is Hui Ying's lover of The Everyday Legend of the Forgotten Answer in this case they are both in same gender.


Case 3Edit

In crime scene I found her signed note and I check it to Gustav the Bartender about her whereabouts. In 11:00 PM on Thursday, I want talk about her alibi and she says that Vera and she had business to discuss. She tells the truth about the conversation. On Friday 9:00 AM I was search her house and I see her handgun and a key labeled Vera. And she is the one who tell me about Malva Ahnberg wants to give money from the victim but the victim refuses. She heard them the furious fighting and it was the caused of Malva's guilt. That gun in her possesion is the actual murder weapon that Grosso is looking for the murder of Hui Ying Albertson.[1]


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