Humphrey Watson is Carmen's cousin and the villain of The Comfortable Search for the Lost Figure.


Case 2Edit

I'm searching files about Humphrey Watson on Hospital but I find only address, then I stopped to Fact Checker to searching files about him but I found what I was looking for. Local Man Inherits Small Fortune. Friends and families of murder victim Carmen Watson were dealt a double shock today: first when they learn a brutal killing, and the second when they found out that only one of them would be inheriting any future she left behind. So Humphrey wanted to be a manager and he was involved in the double shock today. He lives in North Christie and he left his house on 9:00 AM and returns home to 6:00 PM. I'm talking to Humphrey about his alibi and says he was drinking with Gustav the Bartender but Gustav replies that he was the tough man to miss, yeah so Humphrey Watson is a liar! I ask Waldo Werner about the proof and the proof is he is gonna to kill her, terrifying and his second attempt and It match his footprint in the crime scene and I was his home to accused him of murder and the result is case closed. So Humphrey Watson did do his attempts because he want's to be a manager, Carmen Watson is furious about the cousin would be the manager of the Local Man Inherits Small Fortune. so the case is ended and Humphrey confesses all his crime so Carmen is now rest in peace.[1]


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