Hari Talbert, is Carmen's doctor when she was healed when the culprit attempted to murder her. He was talking to Octavia Abeyta about the business and he was the one of the four suspects in The Comfortable Search for the Lost Figure.


Case 2Edit

When I was talking to Colin about his whereabouts and says he lives in North Christie. I was in his house on Tuesday 11:00 AM but his house is locked so I'm searching his house and I take the key labeled Humphrey. I return to his house to speak with him again however he was at the house and I chat with him about Hari's alibi and he says he and Octavia had the business to discuss. He tells the same thing. I ask his leads first before I tell him alibi but I doubt that he says to me "I don't know, she had a lots of secret." So Hari Talbert is only a doctor so the conversation ends when after I speak his alibi. I return to his house to talk about proof but he has a work so I ended up solving a case.[1]


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